Week 33 - October 29, 2018 - November 04, 2018

Some weeks stand out more than others, whether a fantastic tour or a stunning beach or some other remarkable event.  This week will be remembered for the variety of Spring flowers and so many that we have never seen before. 

Leaving Adelaide, we made our way along the coast and as there are no shortages of beautiful beaches, we stopped in one after another.   Our first stop was Whyalla and we had fun with the extreme low tide that had us walking a kilometer into the ocean with the water being only ankle deep.


   Last morning at Brighton Beach                                Long walk at low tide and beautiful sunset at Wyalla
   High tide in Whyalla looks quite different

We lazily made our way along the coast and landed at Port Lincoln National Park with a bit of time to walk, relax and avoid the flies.  Unfortunately, with the increasing heat that Spring brings, in some areas, the flies also increase.  But, the beach area was beautiful and we made the most of the day.


   Wheat country                                          Port Lincoln National Park and its inhabitants

Traveling along what is really an extension of The Great Ocean Road (B100), we stopped in at Murphy's Haystacks to stretch our legs and to walk through and around the remarkable pink hiltaba granite pillars and boulders, estimated to be over 1500 million years old. 

   Coffin Bay                                            Some incredible formations and Gerson in good surfing form

Next, with great anticipation, was our entering into the infamous Nullarbor Plain.  The Nullarbor Plain, which translates from Latin to mean "no tree" is 1,100 kilometers of somewhat straight road and although the name would imply it is 'treeless', it is a long stretch of bush and barren landscape.  Fortunately, Australia paved the road (it was sealed in 1976, yet its treacherous reputation lives on), and the drive was broken up by many wonderful and sometimes quirky stops along the way.

   Only on the Nullarbor would you risk running into camels, kangaroos and wombats

One of the stops was at the Head of the Great Australian Bight and spent a bit of time just walking along the cliffs and viewing the Bunda Cliffs.  This name made both Gerson and me laugh because "Bunda" in Portuguese means "Butt" so we were essentially looking at the "Butt" Cliffs.


   Stunning blue water at the Head of the Bight                           Bunda "Butt" Cliffs        
  Colorful local lizard                     Yeah, I prefer the Peter's 'bush food'                    Map of the indigenous tribes

   Nullarbor Roadhous was quirky and humorous

   Spectacular lookouts along the Eyre Highway through the Nullarbor  

And then, before we knew it, we were looking at Western Australia and coming back to where it all began. 

  Just a giant kangaroo holding a vegemite jar                               Welcome to Western Australia

Although we seemed to be on our home stretch, we had quite a few more places that we wanted to enjoy and even a stop over at Cocklebiddy was almost as much fun as its name.

  Rescued Wedgetail Eagles give the Wedgetail Roadhouse in Cocklebiddy its name              Funny sign at the roadhouse

   One of the longest and straightest roads in the world                                Yep, long and straight

We wanted to spend a day in Cape Le Grand National Park, and although we did not get a space in the Lucky Bay campground, we found a site in the intimate camp of Cape Le Grand campground, located on the other side of the cape and what a find it was!  Nestled in the trees and backed up to the beach, we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset and have a bit of a hike the next morning.  Although this was pleasure enough, the best part of the area was the eruption of Spring flowers everywhere and we were in awe of how many flowers we had never seen before. 

   Frenchman's Peak                      Sunset in Cape Le Grand and Cinderoo peaking out from the trees
  We had some local visitors scuttle around Cinderoo                  Views over Cape Le Grand Beach

   Hiking above Cape Le Grand campground and surrounding area - beautiful

And then there were the flowers and more flowers...

                                           Quite the batch of Spitfire Caterpillars

Another good thing about our stay in Cape Le Grand was meeting a wonderful couple, Rex and Debra (out of Brisbane), while hiking amongst the flowers.  We took them up on their offer to pop into their camp before we left and a couple of hours later, we finally got back on the road with a chorused "We will meet again".

   Cinderoo could not resist a little jaunt on Cape Le Grand Beach                   Rex and Debra and our visit at their camp

Then it was off to a few quick stops at the bays that line Cape Le Grand National Park and each one was unique and each one was stunning. 

  Cape Le Grand interior                   Thistle Cove and interesting formations           Gerson relaxing at Thistle Cove

   Lucky Bay is known for the kangaroos and its stunning blue water                   Cinderoo Blue goes with Lucky Bay


We thought to stay another day in beautiful Cape Le Grand but alas, our sights were set on Esperance and thereabouts so off we went.


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