Week 32 - October 22, 2018 - October 28, 2018

All about around Adelaide!  Twenty years ago, I was invited to Adelaide to meet up with fellow wakeboarders and Adelaide remains as one of my favorite areas in the world.  With azure blue ocean on one side and rolling hills and wineries on the other side, any direction you go from Adelaide, you are met with reminders of how beautiful the area is.  And, as it is similar in latitude to Huntington Beach, the weather is devine.

We made our way from the Coorong National Park, stopping to have a wonderful lunch in Goolwa, and then on to Adelaide.


  Waking up on the lagoon in Coorong National Park                                     Cinderoo loves the beach

  Nice to have lunch in Goolwa alongside these classic Triumphs        Goolwa dock on a picture-perfect day


Since we arrived in Adelaide early in the afternoon, we took a drive through its tourist beach town, Glenelg, and drove past the hostel I stayed some 20 years ago.  It still has its charm and lots of good memories from the week I stayed there. 

   Coming into Adelaide                     Glenelg Beach Hostel - built circa 1878

   Our home for the next week                              Sunset from our 'back' door


Our first day, we just stayed around Cinderoo and enjoyed the beach and waited for my much anticipated reunion with my wakeboarding mates, Mark and James.  When I was planning my coming to Australia 20 years ago, I posted on a wakeboarding website that if I came to Australia, would anyone provide me with a ride?  Mark was the website proctor and he quickly said "Come to Adelaide and we will take you wakeboarding" so I went to Adelaide.  With the help of social media, I reconnected with them and we reunited at Mark's house over, what else, a BBQ.  To say it was great to see Mark and James (and Bec, Mark's wife) after all these years would be an understatement.  The laughs came just as easily as they did then and now that Mark and James have wonderful families, they are even more special.


  Mark and James have not changed        The kids celebrating little Henry's 3rd birthday (Ebonie, Dakota, Jake, Sunny, Lachlan and Henry)


The next day was all about the city itself.  We decided to rent a car so we could leave Cinderoo watching the ocean and we could maneuver easier through the city streets and parking garages. 


   Morning at the Brighton Beach                 Just tooling around Adelaide and some nice buildings


We spent the afternoon just cruising around and eventually ended up at the University of Adelaide's National Wine Centre.  What a great place that was!  Upstairs was a wonderfully informative wine 'museum' that explained about the differing wines of South Australia and about the methods of production. Downstairs was an automated wine tasting room with 120 wines from around the region.  You just slid your token card into the slot of the wine bank that held the wine you wanted to try, placed your glass under the particular spigot, pressed the button for the amount you wanted to taste, and Voila!  The wine dispensed into your glass, your token card was charged a small amount ($2-$4) and away you go.  Gerson indulged in about 15 wines (25ml taste at a time) and we loved having the room to ourselves.

  University of Adelaide National Wine Centre           Informative displays about wine and the grapes
     Lots of wine                      I made wine digitally and this was the result.  I am keeping my day job!

   Cinderoo sporting her South Australia badge and with the exception of Tasmania, she made it to all the States and Territories!


With the lovely days that are known to Adelaide, we spent a day strolling along the beach, having lunch in downtown Brighton and just putzing around. 


   Views back to our campsite and of Brighton Beach                  Cool sculptures along the way

  Brighton pier and that water color!!!                         'Cinderoo Blue' water and she blends right in

   A local sea lion trying to casually steal the bait and crabs                    Local artist and her beautiful sand art

   Just a lovely day at the beach


We made plans to have dinner in Glenelg with friends, Frank and Pat, that we met in Coral Bay (see Diary Page 5).  We met at a wonderful little restaurant called The Strand and just picked up where we left off. 

Stopped by to reminisce at the Glenelg Beach Hostel and its meeting place - the bar         Glenelg and a monument to South Australia

  Dinner with Frank and Pat was wonderful

We could not visit Adelaide without a trip through the wine country so we enjoyed yet another spectacular day tooling around Adelaide Hills and visiting Mount Lofty.  We arranged for a lunch with Mark and his son, Henry, and just absorbed the peaceful vibe that resonates throughout the area.  We had lunch at the beautiful Bridgewater Inn (1842) that was next to the Bridgewater Mill, built circa 1860.  The food was terrific, the company great and the entertainment (provided by Henry) was adorable.

   Mt. Lofty views over Adelaide and Glenelg

  We love that Australia provides these 'zip lines' for kids - had fun with Henry and Mark

  Bridgewater Mill                    Henry promising not to go in the water - he made it back across with minimal splash

  At a stop, we saw this left-side drive Dodge                         Just a nice river view in the hills

  Views of Brighton Beach and Cinderoo


We had planned on leaving the Adelaide area on the Saturday and we were given an offer we couldn't refuse.  Frank and Pat have a beach house on the Yorke Peninsula, just outside of a small town called Pt. Rickaby.  As we enjoyed their friendship and hard to resist a day at the beach and fishing, we postponed our departure and met them at their beach house.  We no sooner got there and we were being prepared for dinner at a nearby friend's house (Steve) and the dinner consisted of freshly caught King George fish and homemade bread. 

   Steve feeding the pelicans and seagulls with fish discards                 On our long trek to Steve's house, a few houses down

   Gerson, Steve and Frank did not waste any time               Dinner is served and it was delicious  (Steve, Pat, Frank, Gerson and me)

   Part of Steve's Aboriginal artifacts collection - fire stones, cutting stones                       Sunset on a wonderful day


Fishing was on the menu and we had almost as much fun getting the boat in the water as we did actually fishing.  Gerson and I reeled in a few fish each and apparently, the King George fish is considered quite the quality catch.  Gerson even hooked a Leatherjacket fish and as we have snorkeled and dived with these fish, we had no idea they were good eating.

   Love using the tractor to launch the boat             Pat waving goodbye - maybe she knew something we didn't

  Frank and Steve were all business                              And we caught some very nice fish            

  It was a happy day!

    And the boat comes back out                       Love these beach finds             

    Quite a cozy beach neighborhood                            I found a shingleback skink - very cool

  Beautiful beach and I made a friend                                  The Yorke Peninsula is a lot to do with wheat farms

We made it back to Cinderoo just in time to meet up with James, as he wanted to pop in to say goodbye.  We already are talking about if we can sell Cinderoo in quick fashion, we may just drop in on Adelaide for a few days while on our way to Sydney to fly home.  Adelaide is still one of my favorite places in the world.


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