Week 28 - September 24, 2018 - September 30, 2018

We were on the move this week as we traveled from Sydney to Australia's capital, Canberra, and then back to the south coast and on down to Victoria.

We dashed into the Australian Capital Territory and our stop in Canberra was a short one as the city is not so much a 'tourist' city as Sydney or Melbourne; however, there were a couple of museums we wanted to visit and the National Museum of Australia was top on our list.  We were fortunate that the museum had just opened up an exhibition called "Rome" that was on loan from the British Museum and contained many artifacts from over 2,000 years ago.

  Australian Capital Territory

                              Some of the interesting marble sculptures      

  A child's shoe              A marble relief with recognizable adornment objects              Gerson holding a 'soldier's weapon'

   Amazing marble carving for a sarcophagus                                  Loved this inscription written circa 2nd-4th century

We had a nice lunch overlooking the lake and were able to squeak into an archive room that is only open for 15 minutes, once a day.  The room was filled with Aboriginal tools, weapons and other artifacts and I was surprised to see how similar the tools and weapons resemble those used by our American Indians.

  Lunch view                                   Aboriginal tools and weapons                   School in 1971 - those beautiful faces

Canberra might not be obviously interesting but it does have its charms in many museums, green spaces, walking parks, etc.  Also, it opens its Parliament House to tourists and we had a bit of a walk-around the building.  I was impressed with the lovely building and how the walls were lined with portraits of significant Australian figures as well as many governmental documents, artifacts, etc. 


   Parliament House                                 Inside the Parliament House                          Courtyard Queen

   View to the old Parliament House and the Australian War Memorial               Cool statues adorn the drive to the War Memorial

   A copy of the Apology to Australia's Indigenous Peoples

We compressed our time in Canberra so we could enjoy the area and still make it to our camp near the coast.  We wanted to take advantage of the forecasted good weather and the sunshine gifted us with a spectacular day visiting the Beecroft Peninsula, Point Perpendicular Lighthouse and we even spotted a whale literally 'flipping out'.

   Point Perpendicular and its Lighthouse                                          Point Perpendicular cliffs were intimidating

   Humpback whale having fun flipping over                          Walking along Beecroft Peninsula

We stayed near Huskisson and Jervis Bay and spent the morning taking in the sun, reading, walking, tinkering and just catching our breath. 


   Reading and just enjoying Jervis Bay                           Lone SUP'r and Gerson enjoying the same world

   Seaman's grave preserved - Cinderoo pays her respects

That afternoon, we pulled into Eurobodalla National Park to a little gem of a campground at Mystery Bay.  This area quickly became one of our favorites as it was camp anywhere you find a space and the beach was our neighbor.  We spent the rest of the day exploring and as the neighboring children said, "adventuring" along the beach and around the rocks.  With the low tide, land bridges, rock outcroppings, tide pools, caves and small beaches emerged for us to investigate. 

   Mystery Bay                             Cinderoo is the white spot in the middle of the trees            

  The rock formations were beautiful, some looked like petrified wood           Cave and small beach exposed

  Gerson strolling along the low-tide accessible areas              Mystery Bay's beauty is no mystery

  Gerson in his happy place - bonfire, wine, cheese and beach                           We had a night visitor - friendly owl


The following day we were off for a drive along the coast and into the State of Victoria! We stayed in Mallacoota, but the day was all about the cruise through the beautiful landscape. 

   Views along the way                Cool bridge crossings                 So many 'ahhh' moments

  Lunch at a little Route 66 themed diner was a nice surprise - Cinderoo fits right in with the classics

This week we went from New South Wales to Australia Capital Territory to New South Wales and into Victoria.  Lots of border crossings and lots of beautiful places.



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