Diary/Photo Journal

Week of July 27, 2003

Saturday, August 2nd, was the big day for parents Joey and Kim Vincent because their eldest daughter was getting married.  The initiation of our journey was prompted by our attending this wedding as part of our trip and we were really looking forward to the occasion.

We did not do much in the morning other than find reasons to not do anything but get ready to go to the 5:00 p.m. wedding.  Of course the bride looked spectacular and the groom rather handsome but unfortunately, our camera did not work well with the dim lighting in the room and we only got a few decent pictures.   We will say that the wedding was a great success and wonderfully entertaining.  It is always a good sign when after five hours, people do not want to leave the reception.

The wedding
    The proud parents
Kim and Joey
      We wish Christopher
and Nicole a wonderful
life's journey
  Lots of dancing
Grandma Pat and Daniel
Louise and Sheri with
Robert and Daniel
    Daniel and Sarah
Aren't they cute!


Week of August 03, 2003

Seeing as we all stayed in a hotel near the reception, and seeing as the hotel was somewhat close to a hippodrome, and seeing as we all like to gamble a tad, we could not resist going to Emerald Downs the day after the wedding.

Gerson and I have two completely different systems of betting on the horses.  One of us reads the program, the racing form, examines the horse, etc. to choose the horse.  The other of us painstakingly views each horse and carefully picks the prettiest one.  Guess which one of us uses which method and guess which one usually wins?  So, in the 10 races at Emerald Downs we did not have any winners but for the last race, wherein I finally hit an Exacta.  I felt somewhat relieved to accomplish that feat because that meant the difference between eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all the next week or actually having a few good meals.  After Emerald Downs, I swore off betting on the horses until next time.

We stayed in Shelton a couple more days to take advantage of a family picnic over at Jarrell's Cove on Harstine Island.  We also had to get the second of our Hepatitis A/B shots that were due this week.  If anyone is thinking of traveling such as we are, make sure you research the immunizations.  10 shots between us is enough to make the needle-squeamish think twice!

We had great fun at the picnic and Gerson ran off on Joey's boat for a bit.  Unfortunately, Joey and company did not have much time to fish so that is why they did not catch anything, or so he said (insert rolling eyes here).

Joey coming
in and the
beauty of the area
      Joey waving
   Kim and Joey's
daughter, Sarah,
examining the
starfish on the piling

We left Shelton on Tuesday, August 5th and as usual, we had a wonderful visit filled with laughter and love and lots and lots of food. 

Gerson, Louise, Joe,
Pat, Sheri and Cindy saying goodbye
Maria (Mer-ia) doing
what cats do best
Ruby knows she's
doggone beautiful

We headed straight for Idaho to stop overnight and get an early start toward Glacier National Park.

West view of the
Columbia in Eastern Washington
      Flathead Lake, Montana


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