Diary/Photo Journal

Week of July 27, 2003

One of the few planned stops was to visit dear friends in Shelton, Washington and to be there for a wedding on August 02, 2003.   The Vincents have been friends of mine since Sheri and I were five years old.  The breakdown is as follows:

Pat and Joe are the parents.  Sheri and Joey are the kids; however, due to our advanced ages, Sheri and her husband Dan have become parents of Daniel and Robert,  and Joey and his wife Kim are parents to Nikki, Kasey and Sarah.  Of these daughters, Nikki is getting married.  Did you follow that? 

Shelton Washington is a town built around a lumber mill/company called Simpson.  The town hails as "Christmas Town, USA" and it is aptly named.   Visiting the Vincents is a lot like coming home - terrific people, great food and lots of laughter.

We arrived in 90 degree weather and the first chance we got, we were out at Mason Lake, visiting a long-time friend, Joyce, at her family's lake retreat.   I think the boys, Daniel and Robert, grew gills being in the water for so long.

Louise at Mason
Lake with Daniel
(shooter) and
Robert (victim)
  A little late for
the picture of
Gerson diving
the water  
The boys enjoying a leisurely peddle Robert and Daniel tubing -
got to love Daniel's hair

After this, we did a lot of nothing other than relax and enjoy our respite.  The Vincent clan lives in two homes on 13 acres that are stocked with dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and a substantial amount of blackberry bushes.   There is little chance of being bored and an even more miniscule chance of being hungry. 

The clan dinner:  (back row) Christopher (groom), Gary,  Robert (with arms raised), Daniel, Dan, Sheri, Kasey, Nikki (bride), Joey, Sarah, Kim, Scott, Melissa, Louise, Gerson, Pat and Joe.


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