Week 35 - November 12, 2018 - November 22, 2018

A bittersweet week as we spent the time unpacking Cinderoo and giving her a thorough cleaning in hopes she would attract a buyer.  Well, no sooner than we opened up the calendar to schedule people to have a look, we had a couple that really wanted to see her asap.  I would say it was love at first drive as Daryl and Cheryl never left her once they got in.  They took us back to my cousin's home, signed a bit of paperwork, transferred the money and off they went with Cinderoo.

Daryl and Cheryl were from Brisbane and had come to Perth to buy a different motorhome.  Upon inspection of that motorhome, they were disappointed to see that it was not what was advertised.  As they had a few more days in Perth and had planned on traveling north through Western Australia in hopes of finding some land on which to build a house, they once again, searched for a motorhome. That was when they hit upon Cinderoo and the rest is history.  We know she will be loved as Cheryl has already texted me several times about their enjoying Cinderoo's company and even sent a few pictures.

  Our last photos with Cinderoo and sad to see her go        Off Cinderoo goes with new campanions, Daryl and Cheryl

The day was quite a good one as we were so happy with Cinderoo's new owners and my cousin Jimmy got a pre-notification that his interview for a girls' soccer coaching job was successful and that he would have the official offer in the coming days.  We had quite the celebratory dinner!

  Congratulations to all of us! (Jane, Ellie, Stu, Jimmy, Gerson)

As usual in Perth, we had a beautiful Sunday to enjoy by having a breakfast on the beach (thank you Stuart).  Then, we were off to revisit Fremantle and wander around its market sand downtown area.  Lo and behold, we ran into a dear friend, obviously enjoying her new campanions.


  Stuart makes a terrific beach-fast                Jimmy and Ellie graced us with their presence before running off to a festival/concert

  Recognizing a dear friend, Cinderoo, when coming into Fremantle              Fremantle markets and cool buildings

Taking advantage of some extra time in Perth, we revisted Kings Park and spent the day walking around this magnificent green space.  With being springtime, lots of flowers in bloom and we found ourselves recognizing plants that we learned of during our trip. 

  Views to Perth and nearby bay                  Broadwalk Vista                   We found a Boab tree (Northern Territory)

   Just so many beautiful flowers 

   Banksia flowers are just weird looking                  Grass Tree in bloom (first seen in Barna Mia, WA)


One place we had on our list to go to was Rottnest Island.  This oddly named island is home to the Quokka, a small macropod marsupial that again, looks like an animal made up of parts of other animals, and as cute as can be.  When the island was first spied by Dutch sailors, they saw the Quokka and thought them to be 'rats' and thus called the island "t'Eylandt 't Rottenest" or "Rats Nest" island.

We spent the day riding electric bikes (loved it) around the entire island, stopping off at stunning beaches and spectacular bays and had a bit of a snorkel in Eagle Bay.  Rottnest Island is also home to many fur seals, some of which we spied lounging on their sides in the shallow waters just a reef-ridge over from where we were snorkeling.  Rottnest is definitely one of our favorite places we enjoyed on our entire trip in Australia - it truly is a special island.

  The ferry over started with a dolphin sighting                          We were greeted by a local Quokka

   The Basin beach area and along the west coast                       Bathurst Lighthouse and Longreach Bay

   Some bays were otherworldly                                               Just another beautiful bay   
   Just feeding the Quokka the berries it eats off the ground               Armstrong and Catherine Bays

   City of York Bay and Ricey Beach                        Gerson taking in the view

   Stark Bay and Rocky Bay                  Marjorie Bay

   Mabel Cove and Cape Vlamingh                 Eagle Bay and some local fur seals just lounging around

  Nice snorkel at Eagle Bay          Lots of fish and beautiful kelp beds          A big Gerson-fish

   Having fun with the fur seals in the background                         Cool rock formations    

  Greater Crested Terns were surprised to see me

Although the water was a tad chilly, we easily warmed up in the sunshine and once dry, we were back on the bikes to complete our tour.  On the way, we ran into a little pack of Quokkas that were quite curious (and obviously had been fed by prior passerbys).

   Eagle Bay was an exciting place to snorkel - just beautiful

   Quokka's are adorable moochers...              and smoochers

   Just more incredible views                         Our lunch was being eyed by a momma and her baby (no food was in my hand)

      Wadjemup Lighthouse                                           Oliver Hill lookout and battery

   Another curious Quokka and their tails are very much rat-like

We caught the last ferry to the mainland and took the next day to recover and make ready for our departure from Australia and our embarking on our next adventure:  New Zealand!  Since we sold Cinderoo so quickly, we had a few weeks to spare, so we could not ignore our proximity to New Zealand any longer.  We left Australia with a genuine love of its people and its land and being reacquainted with my cousins, made the trip one of our best experiences in our lives.


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