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Week of 08, Feb. 2004 Page 1,2 Ecuador (Quito - Galapagos Islands)
Week of 15, Feb. 2004 Page 3 Cindy's titanic voyage - getting kicked out of Ecuador -  Peru (Tumbes)
Week of 22, Feb. 2004 Page 4 Peru (Punta Sal -  Piura - Chiclayo - Sipan - Chicama - Trujillo and lots of ruins)
Week of 29, Feb. 2004 Page 5 Peru (more ruins - Huaraz - Lima)
Time off!    
Week of 28, Mar. 2004 Page 6 Peru (Lima, ruins, family fun)
Week of 04, Apr. 2004 Page 7  Peru (Cusco)
Week of 11, Apr. 2004 Page 8,9 Peru (Inca Trail, Machu Picchu - need I say more?, back to Lima)
Week of 18, Apr. 2004 Page 10 Peru (Ica, Nasca, Puerto Inca)
Week of 25, Apr. 2004       Page 11 Peru (Arequipa, Puno - ruins and floating islands)  Bolivia (Copacabana - Lake Titicaca)
Week of 02, May 2004 Page 12 Bolivia (La Paz - Valle de la Luna)
Week of 09, May 2004 Page 13 Bolivia (adrenaline ride to Coroico, Sucre and dinosaurs)
Week of 16, May 2004 Page 14 Bolivia (Potosi and miners, Tupiza and robbers, Salar and salt)
Week of 23, May 2004 Page 15 Bolivia (La Paz, winterizing Cindy and personal repair)
Week of 30, May 2004 Page 15 Bolivia (Still in La Paz, festival parade)
Week of 06, June 2004 Page 16 Chile (back to the Pacific - yipppeeee!, Arica, Iquique)
Week of 13, June 2004 Page 17 Chile (Atacama desert, Salar de Atacama, Antofagasta)
Week of 20, June 2004 Page 18 Chile (Pan de Azucar, La Serena/Coquimbo, National Parks)
Week of 27, June 2004 Page 18 Chile (Valle de Encanto, Pichidangui,Vina del Mar,Valparaiso)
Week of 04, July 2004 Page 19 Chile (Santiago at last)
Week of 11, July 2004 Page 19 Chile (Santiago - spanish school, touristing around)
Week of 18, July 2004 Page 20 Chile (Santiago - Farallones and skiing/boarding)
Week of 25, July 2004 Page 20 Chile (Santiago, going home to Cali)
Time off again!    
Week of 16, Jan 2005 Page 21 Returning to South America - Brasil (Gerson's hometown of Curitiba)
Week of 23, Jan 2005 Page 22 Brasil (Curitiba, the beaches and Ilha do Mel)
Week of 30, Jan 2005 Page 23 Brasil (Beaches and back to Curitiba - getting ready for Rio and Carnaval)
Week of 06, Feb 2005 Page 24,25 Brasil (RIO!  CARNAVAL!  JAIL!  and Foz do Iguassu)
Week of 13, Feb 2005 Page 26 Brasil (Curitiba and more beaches and a homecoming party)
Week of 20, Feb 2005 Page 27 Chile (Return to Santiago and reuniting with Cindy, Pichilemu)
Week of 27, Feb 2005  Page 27 Chile (Chanco, Pucon)
Week of 06, Mar 2005 Page 28 Chile (Leaving Pucon, Puerto Montt (briefly), Chiloe)
Week of 13, Mar 2005 Page 29 Chile (Chaiten to Chacabuco - Patagonia and Glaciers!)
Week of 20, Mar 2005 Page 30 Chile (Coyhaique) and into Argentina (the slooooow Hwy 40)
Week of 27, Mar 2005 Page 31 Argentina (Chalten and Parque Nacional los Glaciares) back to Chile
Week of 03, Apr 2005 Page 32 Chile (Torres del Paine), Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas and back to Argentina
Week of 10, Apr 2005 Page 33 Argentina (Ushuaia - It's the end of the world as we know it!) heading north
Week of 17, Apr 2005 Page 34 Argentina (Puerto San Julian, Puerto Deseado, Gaiman)
Week of 24, Apr 2005 Page 35 Argentina (Peninsula Valdes, Viedma/Carmen de Patagones)
Week of 01, May 2005 Page 36 Argentina (Leaving Patagonia, Tandil, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires)
Week of 08, May 2005 Page 37 Argentina (More Buenos Aires)  Uruguay (Colonia, Montevideo)
Week of 15, May 2005 Page 38 Uruguay (Punta del Este)   Brasil (Porto Allegre, Gramado/Canela)
Week of 22, May 2005 Page 39 Brasil (Florianopolis, Curitiba - we made it)
Week of 29, May 2005 Page 40  Brasil (Curitiba and returning home to the US)
Time off again!     
Week of 29, Jan 2006   Go to the Brasil - South America Diary Index for the continuation of the adventure



It is not the strongest of the species that survive,
nor the most intelligent,
but the most adaptive to change.

Charles Darwin

Then I have climbed up the steps of the land
through the dreadful thicket of the lost forests
to you, Machu Picchu.
High city of ascending stones,
final resting place from which the earthly
did not hide in their weary garments.
With you, as two parallel lines,
the cradle of lightning and of man
rocks to and fro in a wind of thorns.

Pablo Neruda
2004, celebrating 100 year anniversary of his birth


Without doubt there are wild countries more favoured by Nature in many ways. 
But nowhere else are you so completely alone. 
Nowhere else is there an area of 10,000 square miles which you may gallop over, and where...
you are safe from the persecutions of fevers, friends...telegrams, letters
and every other nuisance you are elsewhere liable to be exposed to.

Lady Florence Dixie, 1878 (on Patagonia)

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