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B R A S I -  South America


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Places visited during the week
Week of 29, Jan. 2006 Page 1 Arrival in Curitiba - a week at the beach
Week of 05, Feb. 2006 Page 2 Curitiba - taking care of business, family, friends, food, football
Week of 12, Feb 2006 Page 2 Curitiba - more of the same
Week of 19, Feb 2006 Page 3 Curitiba, Goiania, a visit to a Fazenda (farm), Goias Velho, Pirenopolis
Week of 26, Feb 2006 Page 4 Brasilia, Rio Quente (thermal water park), Curitiba
Week of 05, Mar 2006 Page 5 Curitiba, Pontal do Sul, Ilha do Mel
Week of 12, Mar 2006 Page 6 Salvador, Praia do Forte, Arembepe
Week of 19, Mar 2006 Page 7 Porto Seguro and nearby beaches
Week of 26, Mar 2006 Page 8 Rio - family and friends visiting, Foz do Iguassu (parte dois)
Week of 02, Apr 2006 Page 9 Foz (continued), Curitiba (more family, friends, food), beaches and saying goodbye
Week of 09, Apr 2006 and    
into the month of May 2006 Page 10 Leaving Brasil and some sun and snow fun in Southern California



It is not for me to say
how the winds blow.
It is not for you to say
how the oceans flow.

It is however, for us to live
within our short lease.
It is together, for us to live
within our own peace.

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