Diary/Photo Journal

Week of November 02, 2003

We made it to Patzcuaro (pats-quaro) just in time to be fascinated with the celebration of the Dias De Los Muertos.  If you are interested in a brief description and accompanying photographs of the commemoration please click here for Dias De Los Muertos.

On our way to Patzcuaro, (its neighboring lake, Laguna de Patzcuaro is one of the world's highest lakes at 7,250'), we did happen across some nice scenery.  From expansive corn and tobacco plantations to lava flows to gorgeous little towns, we really enjoyed the drive. 

Just a cat
with an
that followed
me around in
the morning

to dry
Beautiful church
Lava flows
the road
I will give you
a hint:
you will need a
lime and some
salt with the
extract of this

We stopped in a town called (get this name) Tzintzuntzan (tzeent-zoont-zahn - easy now, isn't it!) and visited the cemetery that was richly decorated for the Dias De Los Muertos (see above link).  We also spied a pyramid that we did not know existed and strolled among the ruins.  The pyramids were a creation of the Tarascan Indians which was an empire or confederation composed of more than 100 towns and villages, some 1000 years ago.


wall and

View over
from Pyramid

Where's Cindy?

We wandered around Patzcuaro and were in heaven amidst all the open food stalls and small eateries.  We have found the best food to be made at the small barbacoas and so far, we have had absolutely no problem (except our stomachs cannot nearly fit as much as we would like).  Besides all the food being offered for sale, seemingly hundreds of shops and small stalls sell just about anything you could want (and a lot you never know you needed until you saw it :-). 

Patzcuaro is a picturesque town but unfortunately, our small digital camera could not capture the immense squares and fantastic blocks of beautiful buildings. 

church in
the two

Views down from
Plaza Grande and
Plaze Chica
Also, car pass-
through to parallel
street with hotel
in between

More notable tidbits about Patzcuaro are the gardens that people grow seemingly out of the walls of their homes and the incredible doors/gates that were installed during the original construction of their homes.

These gardens and
these doors are a
photographer's and
an artist's dream

On the train in route to Copper
Canyon, we met restaurateurs, Mike and Susan from Truckee,
Well, who should we run into
here in Patzquaro but Mike and Susan once again.  Coincidence? or are we being
followed, hmmmm.



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