Diary/Photo Journal

Week of November 23, 2003

Pat and Dan arrived the day after we did and helped set us up with a friend of theirs for a terrific "wreck and reef" dive out of Cancun.  Due to the rather turbulent conditions of 8'-10' swells, we did not take any pictures ourselves; however, the other divers that took pictures said they would send some for the website.  Check back here in a couple of weeks and we should have more awesome pictures.

We got a few pictures sent by our cheeky Dive Master, Chris - washed ashore from England.

on the
deck of
the wreck
Just a
few fish
How you dispose
of dead divers

Because of the difficult boat conditions, Gerson got a tad seasick and was not able to dive the second (reef) dive.  Had we stayed in the boat much longer, I would have stayed topside right along with him.  Fortunately, once in the water, the seasickness passes - it's the coming back on the rocking boat that you get to look forward to! 

Gerson had to make a quick recovery because this was Thanksgiving day and we had planned a traditional turkey dinner with Pat and Dan and with the other travelers staying in the park.  Keith and Isabel are from Montreal, Canada, and Dave is an ex-Northeasterner that lives in Oaxaca, Mexico.  As a side note, Keith and Isabel work in the film industry and have taken a couple of months off to unwind and landed here.  Isabel is writing a script that sounds fascinating and after many conversations with her, I cannot imagine the script being anything but a worthwhile movie.  Dave is an 80-something (yes, 80+) nomad that just takes off in his Nissan Pathfinder and lands wherever he stops his vehicle.

Dan, the chef extraordinaire.  Check
out our generator running Dan and
Pat's microwave - this turkey was
one of the best we've ever had. 
Just cook in a microwavable bag - delicious.
Cory looking for someone to play with.

The food!

Dave, Gerson, Louise, Pat
and Dan.  And then the
Canadians (that were on
Mexico time) wandered in
Keith and Isabel.

One consistent thing we have found while on this journey is that we are meeting extraordinary people. 

We were fortunate enough to find a great little RV Park on the beach in Puerto Morelos.  Here are a few cheesy pictures...

Doing our
best beach

notice the
in my pic

View of our beach
and Gerson making
the best of it

the waves breaking
in the distance is
a little reef break
and a beer
after a swim -what can
be better?

From here, we will be heading off to Belize and on to Guatemala.  There may be a delay in uploading our next stop because we are not sure if the internet cafes are as common as in Mexico.  We do expect to upload within two weeks so keep checking back.

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