This particular page is dedicated to the discussion and rating of that all-important, nutritionally unnecessary but soulful necessity, BEER.



of Beer

Rating 1-10


Mexico Corona pale blonde basic / 6 Basic beer and needs a lime for flavor
  Sol pale blonde last resort / 4 Lacks flavor
  Victoria darker ale-like strong flavor / 8 Has a bit of a bite - points off
  Modelo darker brown memorable / 7 You know you are drinking a beer
  XX green bottle always good / 8 Always a safe bet
Guatemala El Gallo dirty blonde yummy / 9++ Definitely something to crow about
Honduras Salva Vida pale blonde unimpressive / 6 You forget you are drinking beer
El Salvador Pilsener blonde very bland / 5 Only if it is the only beer left
Nicaragua Tona blahnde weak / 4 Not even if it is the last beer left
Costa Rica Imperial golden blonde ummmm / 8 Even as a pale beer, you enjoy it
  Pilsen blonde bitey / 6 A bit boring
  Bavaria dark blonde bites hard / 7 Bite hangs on and on
Panama Atlas light lager smooooothe / 9+ We found an excellent one
  Soberana pale blonde horrible / 2 Can only drink one, hence the name
  Panama lager tasteless / 4 Are you sure this is a beer
  Balboa lager flavorful / 7 Decent alternative to Atlas
  Gold Best blonde colored water / 2 Fool's gold
Ecuador Pilsener lager bitish / 6 Bite sneaks up on you
  Club lager holdsitsown / 8 Good to be in this club
Peru Crystal lager nice  / 7 Nice and easy to drink
  Pilsen blonde eh / 5 Unremarkable, bite with no bark
  Pilsen Trujillo lager works / 8 Now, if we could just get it cold
  Cusquena blonde oh yeah / 9 Giving Atlas and Gallo a yum run
Bolivia Pilsner-La Paz blonde watered / 5 Starts ok and then where did taste go
  Huari blonde regular / 4 Just ok, regular-like
  Pilsner-Potosi blonde tastier / 7 Finally a beer to remember
Chile Crystal lager yep / 8 Smooth in with a malty nip
  Austral ale nippy / 5 Swallow fast, watch out for the nip
  Escudo lager malty / 5 Too much water, too much malt taste
  Becker lager tasty / 7 Looking forward to having another
Brasil Skol golden lager best / 9 Skol scored with all of us
  Bohemia lager hmm / 6 Like its name suggests, mellow
  Antartica lager tart / 6 Needed to be cold to enjoy the flavor
  Brahma pale ale bullish / 6 A little charge at the end
  Escudo pale ale uncertain /5 Not much of anything, no compliment, no insult
  Kuntsman pale ale maltish / 6 A pale ale that wants to be a stout
  Polar lager alrighty / 7 A good competition for Skol
  Serra Malte ale again / 7 Another good alternative to Skol - just a lighter one
Argentina Quilmes pale ale body / 8 Strong body of taste
  Isenbeck ale unremarkable / 6 Nothing remarkable except the malty aftertaste
Uruguay Pilsen pale ale sour / 4 Quite the sour mash
  Patricia ale nice / 8 Easy to be around, just like a good friend of ours with the same name
  Zillertal pale ale bland / 6 If it is the only one available

As of April 2006, it seems we have a clear beer winner.  Of all the brews that we were forced to try, we have unequivocally chosen the best beer of the Americas to be (drum roll please)... El Gallo from Guatemala!!!  As much as we tried very hard to bias our results in favor of Brasil's brews, we had to vote with our truthful taste buds and choose "The Rooster" from Guatemala.  El Gallo is definitely something to crow about.


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