Week 25 - September 03, 2018 - September 09, 2018

Sydney!  A week that started with Gerson reacquainting with an old friend and ended with an appreciation of a fantastic city and a fantastic friend. 

We arrived in Sydney and immediately went to a diesel mechanic so Cinderoo could have a bit of a spa treatment and repair a small malady we have lived with for several months.  With Cindoo spending the week in a cozy shop, we stayed with a friend of Gerson's that he has know for some 30 years.  Adriana and her adorable six-year old daughter, Lara, welcomed us into their lovely home and we had a week filled with touring, laughing, eating, relaxing - just what we needed at this time of our journey.

   Adriana and Gerson - it's been about 20 years                   Gerson and me across the bay from the iconic Sydney Opera House

Our first day out and about with Adriana that of course, included a stop to view the famed Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.  We viewed these magnificent structures from across the bay and up close and personal.  A drive around the city made me appreciate how beautiful Sydney is and its balance of the old and new architecture enhances its ambiance. 

  Views of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge               The Opera House and Harbour Bridge are everywhere

  Taking in the Opera House             The tile pattern on the Opera House                           And that bridge...

   Fort Denison                                     Small sampling of the older architecture

While viewing the Opera House from across the bay, I was approached by a French woman and asked about the bay ferry schedule.  Adriana was able to get her squared away; however, Gerson could not resist having a bit of fun with the husband.  As France won the 2018 World Cup, he congratulated the man in French and the man responded with whipping out his country's flag and waving it.  We spent a few moments talking and emails were exchanged and friends were made.  It is moments like this that reminds us why we love to travel.

  Gerson and Phillipe - Vive La France

We spent the day wandering around and enjoyed a lovely lunch at Balmoral beach.  Then, we were off to see some other beautiful local beaches and a spectacular sunset.  All the while, Gerson and Adriana were catching up and laughing at some old stories.


  Balmoral Beach and our lunch view                   Enjoying the day and the bay                   Dee Why Beach

  Curl Curl Beach and a remarkable sunset - many of the beaches have public saltwater pools

The day was over and it gave us the opportunity to view Sydney's icons in a different light, literally.

  Stunning at night                                    Gerson carrying one sleepy little girl

Having seen a bit of Sydney and its surrounds via bitumen, we opted to see a bit more via the ferry that runs between Circular Quay and Manly Beach.  Although the weather was a bit uncooperative, the ferry ride was an exceptional way to see many neighborhoods that make up 'Sydney'.  Our stop at Manly Beach for lunch was pleasant and we were able to wander around before hopping on the return ferry.

  Our water ride                 Prime Minster's Sydney house                            Hard to get away from the Opera House

  And the Harbour Bridge                                 Adriana and I enjoying the ride

   The weather produced some photo opportunities                                Gerson having fun

  Manly Beach                                               Adriana and Gerson walking through Manly Beach and one of the oldest pubs 

   Sydney shipyard                                           Ferry port in Circular Quay                           

    We saw this incredible rainbow on our way home

   This little beach's public access was through the arch where Adriana is standing - very cool

No trip to Sydney would be complete without a stop at the world famous Bondi Beach.  This cozy bay is known for its surfing and we were reminded of this with the many surfers enjoying the waves.  Bondi Beach definitely has a special feel about it and that was enhanced by the mural-walls that run along the beach. 

Bondi Beach              Bondi's surfers                 Loved the murals             Bondi Beach

A portion of this week we did absolutely nothing and it was wonderful.  We so loved our time with Adriana and Lara and many hours were spent cooking and talking and just enjoying each other's company.  Somewhere in here, we decided to travel to Tasmania from Sydney (instead of our prior plan of leaving from Melbourne) and as Adriana's warehouse (she owns a cup distribution business) was available to host Cinderoo, we made ready for our trip to Tassie.  We picked up Cinderoo from the mechanic and she purred on the drive to the warehouse where we tucked her in for the next two weeks. 

   Cinderoo tucked in for a couple of weeks

And, as Gerson and Adriana are Brazilian, we could not leave without a bit of a BBQ...

   Gerson and Adriana - like old times!

A great week was had and Sydney really is a fantastic city.  We flew to Tassie on the Sunday and we will be seeing Adriana on our return.  I wish I had taken more photos of Lara as Gerson was her play-partner in crime, but alas, we were all just enjoying the moments and not stopping to take photos. 

Next week will be an extended journal for its Tassie Time!

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