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This page is dedicated to those homes, that land, those places that we swiftly pass by and feel a quick pang of desire or a fleeting sigh of want to live there.   You know those places - the ones with the incredible view, the overwhelming landscape, the fabulous architecture or maybe, the homes that just feel "right" just how they are.  We will keep updating this page as we find these treasures...

This house is located in Pacific
City, Oregon and overlooks an
incredible beach and fantastic
rock formations.  It is easy to see
us having brekkie on the deck
overlooking the Pacific.  
See Diary for week of July 20, 2003 
for pictures of Pacific City.
This particular house is located       on a hill overlooking Rochester, Minn.  It is referred to as the
Plummer house and overlooks 
the City and this magnificent
garden.  See Diary week of 
August 10, 2003.

A home built in the mid-1800's, it was used by the Union in the Civil War as headquarters.  Even without its history, we were amazed at the authenticity of the home..  The view is of a neighborhood equally impressive of 19th Century constructed homes.


We found this house perched on the edge of a spit of land at Hatteras, North Carolina.  Its wraparound decks and 360 degree view of the ocean and the harbor puts this on our list of where we could suffer living. 
This wonderful 2 bedroom suite (with fireplace) was dug out by the Native Americans and overlooked the main plaza.  As we love old homes, we thought this appropriate at 1500 years old.

This home is located about 100' from the beach, in a nice, quiet park and is near a wonderfully quaint downtown area.  Oh wait! this is where we already live!  Cute, isn't she - Cindy's big sister. 

In Sayulita, we had a tie.  The first house is obvious - on top of the hill overlooking the Sayulita beaches.  The second home was nestled in the rocks at the end of the beach and buffered by a natural rock formation that jutted into the water.  I think I prefer the second.

This was a house of high-ranking person, perhaps royalty at Monte Alban.  It does not need much - a few walls, a roof, a little cleaning...but that view!


We found this ocean-front, air-conditioned, environmentally-friendly home on a small island inside the Ballena Marine National Park.  The only problem is, is that you have to rebuild the home after each high tide.


In Almirante, Panama, we found this Palapa on stilts in the harbor bay.  It consisted of air conditioned rooms, 360 degree harbor view and ample parking below and around, depending on the tide.  

We found this gem of a fixer-upper
in A Tumbes, Peru.  Don't you just
love the unique look?  And, you
won't have to worry about rain coming into the upper floor, look at that engineered tilt!

Look closely at the house in the
center of the picture.  It is on about
an acre of land that stretches to the ocean.  It is about 2000 square feet and the cost?  About $30,000 US.
I think we found a contender for that beach house we always wanted.

Nothing special about this house except that it is perched above a cliff  and overlooks the turquoise waves sliding around the rock and also oversees its own swimming pool.  Ho hum...just another summer villa.

This tucked away beauty in Porto Belo, Brasil,
a couple of hours from Curitiba.  It's view over a snug little beach and many colorful boats madeit picture-perfect.

The condominium is one thing, but the
location and the view....Let me see, do we
go to the beach or to the pool today....

Gerson's sister's place near Matinhos, Brasil



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