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Places visited during the week
Week of 08, Dec. 2007 Page 1 Arrival in Curitiba - a week with family, friends and food
Week of 16, Dec. 2007 Page 2 and 3 Blumenau, Camboriu, Parque Nacional de Aparados da Serra and back to the beach
Week of 23, Dec. 2007 Page 4 Feliz Natal (Merry Christmas), food and time at the beach
Week of 30, Dec. 2007 Page 5 and 6 Feliz Ano Novo (Happy New Year, Matinhos, State of Sao Paulo - Guaruja
Week of 06, Jan. 2008 Page 7 Ilhabela, Paraty and on to Rio
Week of 13, Jan. 2008 Page 8 and 9 Fazendas, Petropolis, Ouro Preto, Maromba
Week of 20, Jan. 2008 Page 10 Curitiba, friends and a blast in the past
Week of 27, Jan. 2008 Page 11 Beaches, Curitiba and Carnaval at the beach
Week of 03, Feb. 2008 Page 11 Final week - Curitiba lazing and packing and back in the U.S.

How much of what you are, is actually from what they were

Louise Wright, 12/2007

If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space

Unknown (on a shirt my Father owned)

Not all who wander are lost

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