Brasil 2022-23 Diary/Photo Journal

Week 003 of August 14 - August 20, 2022

We left Tatajuba and made our way southish to Taiba, another kiteboarding spot on the outskirts of Fortaleza.  We stayed at a wonderful place outside of town, Hotel Vila Marola, and loved walking off the hotel's property and onto the beach.

Just some of the
locals we passed
along the way
to Taiba

Hotel Vila Marola

Quite the views from and to

We were in Taiba for a few days with the focus to be on kiteboarding; however, I found Taiba to be rich in so much more.  I think I found Taiba to be the best of the places we visited as I just loved the vibe that blew on the wind.  Not to mention it was beautiful and the people, very nice.

Took a nice walk along Praia Da Taiba

Memorials for loved ones

Fascinating wee sea life

Gerson found a mango that washed up on shore
and it was perfect for consumption

Surfers were picture perfect

The moonrise was stunning

And then, it was kiteboarding time.  Gerson and Cassio took their lessons in a cool lagoon, Lagoa da Taiba, and although the wind was a little inconsistent, they managed to improve their skills.

Gerson taking in Lagoa da Taiba

Gerson being coached by Pulga (Roberto Veiga, owner of GoKite)

Cassio showing a good ride

Gerson walking back to try again

View to the back side of the Lagoa da Taiba

Donkeys, herons, and who knows what else
is in the photo

We did enjoy the town itself with a drive to an overlook and a terrific dinner with other kiteboarding enthusiasts. 

View down to Taiba

Enjoying a maracuja (passionfruit) caipirinha

Nice little in-town beach

Dinner with new friends:  Thomas, Louise, Gerson,
Grazi, Cassio, Pulga...and then Lori (from New Jersey
and married the Brazilian man next to her).

Gerson holding up some special cachaa -
yes, that is a crab and a lobster inside (like a worm in tequila)

Taiba was a fast few days and marked the end of our excursion to the northeast of Brasil.  We left the warm and sunny State of Cear
and arrived to cold and rainy Curitiba.  It took us a day (or two) to acclimate to the cold so what better to do than to visit family and friends enjoy hot lunches and bbqs.

Lunch at one of our favorite
restaurants: Engenho de Minas
Delicious food typical from the
State of Minas Gerais

Lunch was with Tio Carlos, Cousin Vanessa
and enjoyed Cousin Vivianne's brigadeiros

Quick visit with Niece Flavia and her partner, Thiago
at their nice rental home - good to see Flavia enjoying a garden

As we wound down the week, Gerson had the opportunity to be reunited with University chums, a few he had not seen in decades!  I failed to mention that during our first couple of days in Curitiba, we surprised a friend of Gerson's by popping into his business. Alvaro Munhoz and Gerson went to University together when Gerson was studying Agronomy and have remained in contact for some 30+ years.  Alvaro made good use of his Agronomy degree as he created his business, Unimel (, which is all about bee products (honey, candles, etc.). 

Gerson met up with his friends for a bbq and as I knew a better time would be had without the wife listening in on the stories, I bowed out and stayed cozily at 'home'.  I still have not heard anywhere near all that was talked about for the five hours Gerson spent at the bbq. 

Gerson with his Agronomy schoolmates:
Alvaro Munhoz, Gilberto Baena, Amauri Lovato and Eduardo Gontarski

It was quite the week and friends, family, food and fun dominated the beginning, middle and end, as it should be. 


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