Brasil 2022-23 Diary/Photo Journal

Week of 022+ of January 08 - January 17, 2023  - The last Diary Page for our Brasil 2022-2023 trip

Our last week in Brasil and I will say, we were looking forward to getting home.  We did spend the week enjoying reminiscing with family, receiving a family heirloom and saying our goodbyes. 

Drive back from the beach to Curitiba
Beautiful mountains and valleys
Just a few trees getting trimmed
Gerson helping (so we could get out)

A highlight of the week was Gerson receiving a family heirloom.  His cousin, Ana Lucia, had a wooden table that was made by their Grandfather (where Gerson gets his 'Polish or Prussian' side).  Josť Lemanczuk was Gerson's Maternal Great-Grandfather and he was a skilled carpenter.  As a 'Wheelwright', he specialized in the build and repair of wagons and wagon wheels and built the wooden table for use in his shop.  Gerson asked Ana Lucia if he could have the over 100 year-old table and without hesitation she said "yes" and Gerson was ecstatic.

The table is made of hand-cut wood beams and the joints are all dove-tailed, notched or doweled.  The table is almost 12' long (3.5meters) and was made in two parts (table top and base).  Josť hand-drilled many holes along one edge of the table for the storage of his tools.  And, speaking of tools, accompanying the table were many of the old carpentry tools used by Gerson's Great Grandfather and probably Ana Lucia's Father (Gerson's cousin)!

Gerson's Great Grandfather's table tucked away in storage

The table - notice the notches for the tools...and the tools!

What a family treasure.  The channel was
to balance the wheel while repairing. 

Now, all we had to do was find a way to transport the table to its temporary home.  Fortunately, Flavia has a nice little rental home with a covered BBQ kitchen area and we hoped we could fit the table into that space until we determine what we can do with the table.  We briefly discussed bringing it to the United States; however, it is a family heirloom that should stay with Gerson's family (and I did not even want to consider the cost of sending a 12', 100lb table to the U.S.).

Ironically, when we returned from Gerson's sister's beach house, Cassio was having some trees trimmed on his property.  With transporting the table on our minds, we noticed that the man hauling away the tree debris had a rather nice truck.  So, not being shy, we asked if he could meet us at Ana Lucia's and help us relocate the table to Flavia's house.  An amount was agreed upon (about $40US), and in a couple of days, we carefully tied the table down in the back of the truck, transported it to Flavia's house and lovingly placed the piece of Gerson's history in Flavia's home.

We were quite relieved that the table was in two parts
Over 100 years of history in the back of the truck
Perfect place for its new home
Probably every notch, cut, ding...was made by Gerson's GGrandfather

Gerson imagining what using the tools would be like

Josť Lemanczuk (died 1943) and wife, Catarina, son Alcindo (Ana Lucia's Father),
2nd girl from right, Gerson's Grandmother

The week went by fast and lots of photos came out of the nooks and crannies in which we store our memories. 

Wedding photo of Josť and Catarina Lemanczuk

Photo of Gerson's Mother (back, 2nd from right),
her sisters and cousins

Gerson, cousin Celso and Edson - circa 1976
Delvair (Gerson's Mother) - back, far right, Gerson is front, center
Lincoln (Brother) red shirt next to Gerson

Gerson, back middle and cousins

We enjoyed many last meals with family and sharing those kinds of stories that are funny no matter how they are told.  We received a gem of a photo of Gerson and his immediate family as well as a somber reminder that Gerson's mother died much too young at the age of 37 (aneurysm or stroke?).

Grandfather Neno, Grandmother Lali, Uncle Carlos,
Mother Delvair, Uncle Sebastiao, Aunt Roseli,
Sister Marjorie, Gerson, Brother Lincoln and Cousin Celso
This photo was taken around May 1975 - two months later
Gerson's Mother died of an aneurysm/stroke
Josť Lemanczuk left his mark on the family home

Gerson's Mother's death announcement - only 37 years old
Born: August 02, 1938
Death: July 12, 1975


And just like that, we're home.  We spent 5.5 months in Brasil (I had a short respite at home due to the ladder attack ;-), and all-in-all, it was a great trip.  We had some disappointment with the weather that kept us from enjoying time with Cindy; however, we made the most of the time we had with her.  So many memories made with family and friends and although Brasil has its challenges, it is a beautiful country with beautiful people.

Brasil is all about color    

Tchau for now...

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