Brasil 2022-23 Diary/Photo Journal

Week of 017 of December 04, 2022 - December 10, 2022

We enjoyed Cassio's family's river/lake house for a few days and of course, that meant more BBQ.  As the home was in the final stages of renovation, we had a bit of a celebration christening the home and making sure the BBQ worked. 

Cindy fit comfortably on the driveway

Nice view out back toward the river
Papaya, coconut, liche, jackfruit, mango, limes, oranges...

Diego (Cassio's brother-in-law) preparing the lamb

Just a barrel of Cachaša - nothing to see here


The BBQ worked just fine and we had a fantastic time with Famiglia Venturelli and their only neighbors, Milton and Ceberina.  With the World Cup being played, we were appreciative of the neighbor's generous use of their TV as the Venturelli's TV system had not yet been connected. 

Cheers!  (Mario (Cassio's Father), Paloma, Gerson,
Milton's daughter, Milton, Ceberina,   Cassio, Diego
and Grazi
Diego commanding the BBQ
Grazi helping Giovanna and Maria slip and slide
Milton and Ceberina feeding us food and friendship

Sunset over Rio Tibagi

View over to Milton and Ceberina's awesome outdoor kitchen/dining area

Preto - such a beautiful and fun gatito


A highlight of our stay was to tour Moinho Globo, the Venturelli family business of milling and refining wheat for more than 130 products.  Cassio's family started the business over 60 years ago and initiated the agricultural growth in the area.   The 'mill' was a technological wonder as the machines, although watched over by humans, were essentially run by computers.  So much attention to detail, quality wheat and significant happy-employee retention, has led Venturelli flour to be considered one of the best, if not the best, flour in Brasil.

Keeping a clean environment while in the plant


Proud Cassio and us in front of the 'mill'

Quite the 'mill'

We definitely enjoyed our respite at the lake house; however, we had some other water places on our list to enjoy.  Our first stopover camp was a little water park camp called "Beach World Park Hotel" and we had fun just hanging out at the pool and avoiding the rain under one of the gazebos.

Beautiful landscape

Beach World Park Hotel and one
of the many pools


We were off early the next morning so we could make our next camp in time to enjoy some thermal river swimming.  We made it to the town of Rio Quente and stayed in a nice little campground, Camping Esplanada.  We were able to park next to the thermal river and had an enjoyable dip in the warm water.  Fortunately, the camp had a TV in their central 'clubhouse' structure and we were able to watch the World Cup and stay out of the deluge of rain. 

Cindy tucked in right along the Rio Quente

Nature's jacuzzi - thermal river

Lots of fish thriving in the Rio Quente

Dragonfly orgy

The main attraction in Rio Quente was to enjoy a couple of days at Hot Park - a huge water park built around the thermal waters.  We especially were looking forward to snorkeling in a lagoon with the many large fish; however, the torrential rain the night before muddied the waters and the park did not allow snorkeling for a couple of days.  So, we had to find other ways to keep us amused, and that we did.  Unfortunately, the day ended in a sad note as Brasil lost their World Cup game and were knocked out of the tournament.  The park became rather quiet and because we would not be able to snorkel the next day, we decided to spend the second day around camp at our personal thermals and clubhouse TV.

Hot Park in Rio Quente

Having fun rafting in the thermal water



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